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"This class was very moving for me. I was challenged to see myself in a different light. Which overall is an answered prayer. It's funny how God moves in mysterious ways. In this class I was charged to break down my characters to the T, take risks, get out of my head, and live in the moment FULLY. In such a short time, I left with taking limitations off of my imagination. To the point where I am more comfortable writing for characters I would like to portray. I want to  send a huge warm hug your way."



"First I like to start off by saying THANK YOU for pouring your heart out to actors with your wonderful feedback. The Virtual "I GOT 5 ON IT" course taught me so much about how to approach my characters and be real and be in the moment. I really can't thank you enough it helps me see so many things that were on the script that I totally missed out and they were so important to serve the scene...Thank you so much..."


"CoStar Coaching's "I GOT 5 ON IT" class was sooooo helpful!! Chantal was so detailed in the notes that she gave and they were all dead on the money! They weren’t generic notes but real pointers that I can carry with me throughout my career. Chantal was available throughout the course and she also let me know that if I needed help or had any questions going forward, that she would be willing to assist me and for that, I’m grateful. She is genuinely an amazing being and I’m so thankful that this class allowed me to meet her. I wish the class was longer because I enjoyed it so much BUT I will definitely be working with Chantal again. Thank you for this!! ❤️❤️"



"CoStar Coaching is everything that you need and more for your self tape auditions. Chantel actually cares about her clients. From the moment that you walk through the door, you feel great energy. She wants you to win! Her welcoming spirit, dedication and expertise is what keeps me coming back. She makes me think of things that I haven’t thought of. Chantal challenges and encourages you. I’d definitely recommend CoStar coaching. I’m an extremely happy client!


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