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The Spotligh
t Series

By Chantal Maurice

The Spotlight Series is an Exclusive 1 Night event for preeminent professionals & artists in Atlanta to experience Social Justice in a refreshing & entertaining way.

Our mission: to bridge the gap between Entertainment & Activism by creating civic engagement around social justice issues using Theatrical Performances. In addition to giving Atlanta based Writers, Directors & Actors an opportunity to create community & showcase their talents together, live on stage.

In Association with The ArtsXChange, the inaugural Spotlight Series will feature 7 original 10 minute plays. The event will take place at the Paul Robenson Blackbox Theatre on Sunday December 10th, 2023.

Our 10 Minute Plays:

"SIBLINGS KEEPER" Highlights the various forms of Sex Trafficking & the plight of the rescuing process

Written by Kim Akia

Directed by Chantal Maurice

"DADDY"  Highlights Police Brutality

Written By Larry Spivey

Directed by Jarrett Michael Collins

"FAKE OUTRAGE"  Highlights the role that Social Media plays In collective community outrage against racial Injustices

Written by Lynette J. Blackwell

Directed by Dap Paxton

"GUIDANCE" Highlights the issue of gun violence

Written by Brittani Minnieweather

Directed by Maxie McClintock

"MASK OFF" Highlights the role that the media plays In creating negative narratives about marginalized communities

Written by Kayla Bennett

Directed by Marquelle Young

"SELF ACTIVATION" Highlights Mental Health Issues

Written by Aaron Spells

Directed by Jason Louder

"GETTING REPPED" Highlights racial discrimination In the workplace

Written by Onaji Rouse

Directed by Dajour Ashwood

Cast List will be announced soon!


Sex Trafficking

The state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta are one of the most extensive hubs of the United States of human trafficking horror.

Police Brutality

In Atlanta, a black person is 12 times more likely to be killed by police.

Gun Violence

People of color are disproportionately affected by gun violence. Black and Hispanic adults are more likely to have witnessed a shooting: 31% and 22% respectively. Compare that to the 14% of white adults.



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